Advocacy Tools

KSWAN - Kentucky Social Work Advocacy Network is the collaboration between NASW-KY, KSCSW, KASSW, KY- ABSW, KASWE, and SWARCK, borne of the two pandemic virtual lobby days during Covid-19 and our collective efforts to bring great advocacy programs to KY social workers and students.  We also have a KSWAN YouTube channel so you can access our webinars 24/7!

Engaging in advocacy doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ve created two advocacy toolkits as part of KSWAN to prepare you for calling and writing your legislator, lobbying at the state capitol, and to get involved in our social media campaign to generate excitement for our 2023 Social Work Lobby Day.  We are busy planning this new adventure so please reach out to us if you want to be part of Social Work Lobby Day on 2.22.23 at 1pm in the Capitol Rotunda.

The EVENTS section of our website hosts the Social Work Lobby Day tab and you will find a large Social Work Lobby Day tool-kit.

Watch a quick refresher on how a bill becomes a law and how to find your Kentucky Representatives:

Communicating with your representatives: The Do's and Don't's

KSWAN YouTube Videos about Important Advocacy Topics:

    1. Two powerful stories from a family deeply impacted by gun violence and a call to action for parents raising children.
    1. Hear from four social work professionals working amidst both the opioid epidemic as well as a pandemic in the Appalachian region of Kentucky. 
    1. Get updates as well as best practices surrounding clinical supervision in Kentucky. 
    1. Hear from your peers all across the state at the BSW, MSW, DSW, & PhD level of social work education.  
    1. Hear from three practicing school social workers discussing the resources available to your clients in the school system.

Who Is My Legislator?